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The More Things Change...

Posted on Fri Aug 30th, 2019 @ 3:27am by Commander Leigh Carson

Mission: Time for a Change
Location: Commander Carson's Quarters
Timeline: 2389/02/20 - 1315

=/\= Begin Log =/\=

Leigh Carson had done enough moving around to consolidate her personal possessions down to rather few. Between going from Relec Prime to the academy to post after post, back to Relec prime and then back through more posts, she had culled down. Of course, there was also one particular dark battle during the Dominion War when she was on the USS Washington where a whole block of quarters had been destroyed. She had, fortunately, not been in them at the time and thus here to tell the tale...

...but it was a stark lesson in not keeping any material possession that was too important to you on a starship. Even the exploration and science vessels could meet with any number of issues that might destroy your shit.

She set her duffel bag down in the executive officer quarters. They were a decent size and certainly more than enough to meet her needs. She set out a couple of holo-pictures in their frames--one of her parents back home and the other of friends from the academy. As she set that one down, she thought back to those days. They had been strange ones for her, since it seemed so many of the incoming class were younger than her--if not chronologically, then in terms of experience.

There was another holo-picture of her accepting an award back on Relec Prime from the Constable of the Fallon City Police. She had cracked the Silver Ribbon Killer case. Five women had been murdered in the city, all left naked and mutilated with silver ribbons wrapped around them. Relec Prime wasn't exactly a high-tech mecca like its neighbor of the Federation, so it was more work to crack cases like that than someone on a Starfleet installation might have done.

Detective Leigh Carson had done it, though. He was sentenced to life in prison, and she was commended.

Tracing a finger over the edge of the silver frame, she sometimes wondered why she had left home. She'd had a good job in the department and was settled...but, no, she hadn't been. She had been settled in terms of good job and stable living conditions, but something inside her had wanted more. That's why she'd left Relec Prime and joined Starfleet. Funny to think that she became "settled" by never staying in one place more than a couple of years.

Her console chirped, and she didn't have to wonder who was calling.

Leigh sat behind her desk and answered the call. "Hi, Mom," she said before the image had even fully resolved.

Her mother frowned, but it was with amusement. "How did you know it was me?" she asked.

"I'm a detective, Mom. I have great powers of deduction."

"Your father calls it guesswork."

"Hey, I say TiFELLian and you say TIfellian."

At sixty-five, April Carson was still a fit, attractive woman. Much of her dark hair had started to go silver, but it suited her. She was laughed now and shaking her head. "I'm just calling to see how you're doing, hon. You know how mothers are."

Leigh leaned back with a smirk. "Yes, I've been your daughter for forty-two years now. I should know how you are by this point or I have to turn in every investigative credential I've ever received." She arched one dark brow and then lowered it again. "I'm fine. I got to the fleet yards and onto the ship I will be XO-ing for. I've even met my captain. I think we'll do okay, but it's too soon to really tell."

"Do your best and I'm sure it'll all be just fine," April said.

"You've been telling me that since I was...what, seven years old and went to try out for the Fallon City Falcons hoverball team," Leigh pointed out. "We both know it's not true, but I appreciate the sentiment all the same."

April shook her head. "You're such a cynical woman. I think you get that from your father."

From somewhere off-screen behind her mother came a man's voice, "I heard that!"

Leigh snorted by way of a laugh. "Don't blame it on him. I think I got it by being a cop and then serving through a war," she returned. She shook her head and stifled a sigh at the thought of such things and such times. "I will do my best, Mom, you know I always do. Anyway, I can't talk long. I'm still unpacking--"

"You bring virtually nothing with you."

"--and I have some duties to see to. I'll call you back soon. Give my love to Dad."

"Fine, fine. Love you."

"Love you too."

Leigh closed the channel, looking around her new quarters on her new ship while thinking, 'Some things never change.'

=/\= End Log =/\=


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