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New Opportunities

Posted on Sun Aug 25th, 2019 @ 12:35am by Captain Emerson Adams & Lieutenant Vincenzo ("Vinnie") D'Onofrio

Mission: Time for a Change
Location: Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1
Timeline: 2389/02/20 - 0800

Dressed in a uniform that made him look like a cadet ready for his first inspection, Chance walked through the shopping district of the starbase headed toward his next assignment.

Now what's going on here Chance thought to himself when he spotted a Telarite and an Andorian standing toe-to-toe yelling at each other. They're going to come to blows in a second, he thought as altered his course to intercept them.

Wearing his most disarming smile and a twinkle in his eye, Chance walked up to the two beings and put his arms around them. "What's going on gentlemen? You're drawing a lot of attention you know."

"Who are you?" the Telarite snarled at him.

"Starfleet security would be my guess," the Andorian added quickly.

"Let's forget who I am for the moment. What's more important is my associates", Chance replied drawing their attention to a pair of Nausicans who were standing about 30 meters away looking in their direction.

"What can we do for you, Mr Nobody," the Andorian asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"Let's go have a drink and talk about your dispute," Chance replied gently steering them toward nearby cafe.

[An hour later]

Chance stood up still laughing at a joke the Telarite had shared. "Be sure to contact those names I gave you. They'll hook you up with some lucrative contracts" Chance reminded the two beings still sitting at the table. And keep an eye on you for me he added to himself.

As he turned to go the Telarite put out a hand to stop him. "Would you mind calling off your watchdogs now" he asked motioning toward the Nausicans, who were still standing nearby but no long seemed interested in them.

Chance smiled as he looked over at the Nausicans and then down at the Telarite. "I've never seen them before, they just happen to be at the right place at the right time."

Continuing his journey to his new assignment, Chance left behind two happy but stunned new associates.

[Half hour later, Docking port for Crazy Horse]

Chance walked up to the two security guards at the docking port wearing the same disarming smile he had used a little earlier and struck up conversation with the officers on duty. After identifying himself and some careful questioning Chance was able to learn that the Chief of Security was not on board and the Captain could be found in his ready room.

Making his way onto the ship headed toward the bridge Chance thought to himself, I'm gonna have to work with Chief to impress upon security to never give out information about the ship's company.

[A short while later, Bridge of the Crazy Horse]

A short while later, Chance found himself on the bridge. He acknowledged everyone on the bridge that looked his way as he walked over to the ready room. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Chance rang the bell.

"Enter," Emerson said in a throaty alto that was lost on someone who had no interest in singing whatsoever. The Ready Room, already cleared of its former occupant's possessions, was starting to take on the unique flavor of its current occupant. A crate sat against one wall with a couple of paintings leaning precariously against one side. A second crate, already opened, sat on top of the first. The door, positioned directly across from her curved desk, opened and Emerson looked up with a hazel-eyed gaze that was both sharp and assessing.

Chance entered the room with a smile on his face that was counter-balanced by the seriousness in his eyes. As he walked to the desk he took in his surroundings. "Lt. J. G. D'Onofrio reporting for duty, sir" he announced as he stopped and stood at attention in front of the COs desk and looked her in the eyes. Nice eyes he thought to himself.

"At ease, Lieutenant," Emerson said at once as she gestured towards one of the two seats directly opposite her desk. Unlike some commanding officers, both were comfortable; she was of the opinion that it wouldn't be the furnishings that made someone uncomfortable in her presence. "And as we're introducing ourselves, I'm Captain Emerson Adams. I haven't formally assumed command. That happens once the refit is complete." She paused for a moment, searching her memory, and then nodded. "You're the new Assistant Chief of Security, right?"

"A pleasure to meet you, sir" Chance replied as he slipped into the chair that gave him the best view of the door to the ready room. "That's correct sir, Assistant Chief of Security. I see you're settling in as well" Chance continued sitting comfortably with his back straight and feet flat on the floor.

"Some would say that if I'm doing my job right, that will change," Emerson said, a slight twinkle stirring in the depths of her hazel eyes, "though I've never seen my role as adversarial. The Crazy Horse is in for a refit and repair of a design flaw in the warp core. They're estimating two months before we're ready to go."

Chance thought for a moment before responding. "Adversarial relationships can be so tiring" he replied an ironic smile appearing on his face. "I've always tried to build friendly associations." His morphed into a more serious expression. "Two months is a long time to be in for repairs. Understandable though considering the nature of the flaw. Will they be moving us out to one of the space docks before the work gets started in earnest?"

"I haven't heard though I suspect they will," Emerson said. "I have heard that the ship will maintain its atmosphere and, as long as stay away from the hangar bays, will be safe to be aboard. So, depending on how you see things, you come at either a good time or a bad one. The crew," she added by way of explanation, "has been granted shore leave until the 20th of April."

"That gives me plenty of time to learn the new neighborhood" Chance replied a thoughtful expression briefly appearing on his face. "With your permission sir, I would like to balance my time between being on board and being on shore leave" he continued his smile quickly returning.

Emerson leaned back in her seat and considered the officer before her. She appreciated initiative and especially liked to work with people who didn't run for the nearest transporter pad at the mention of shore leave. It spoke of commitment and that mattered. "Lieutenant, as I said, Starfleet sent you here as the Assistant Chief of Security; however, the situation has changed since then. Your record on the Ursa Major was exemplary and I see that you are overdue for a promotion. I would like you to take on Chief of Security for the Crazy Horse. The position would come with Chief's quarters and of course a promotion to full Lieutenant."

Chance's face went blank momentarily then morphed into puzzlement. What...How...Chief.... Half-formed questions raced through his mind as he studied the captain. He had learned how to read people back on Iotia, which had saved his hide more than once. He looked for any sign that she was kidding with him and saw none. Did she just make this decision on the spot he thought to himself.

"Uh.." he began and then took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Thank you sir" he began again once again in control "I am happy to serve in any capacity you need sir. I'm not one to overplay a good hand but what's changed sir, if you don't mind my asking."

"The former chief was reassigned, at his own request, leaving me short-handed," Emerson said. "Now, I could ask for a replacement but you're here already. You have a good record and I'm giving you the chance to step up ... if you want it."

Chance's expression turned serious in heart beat as he listened to his new CO. "I do want it sir. You won't regret giving me this opportunity." Hmmmm, I wonder what my family will say he thought.

"Excellent," Emerson said. "Computer, effective this date, Lieutenant JG Vincenzo D'Onofrio is hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned as the Chief of Security, USS Crazy Horse."

"Lieutenant D'Onofrio is now the Chief of Security for the USS Crazy Horse," the computer responded.

"Notify the Chief of Operations so that he can make the necessary changes and assign the Lieutenant quarters suitable to his position."

"Notification has been made," the computer answered.

"There you go," Emerson said. "Welcome aboard the Crazy Horse. As I said, officially we're all on shore leave but if there's anything you need between now and then, you let me know."


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