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The New Guard

Posted on Wed Aug 28th, 2019 @ 1:50am by Captain Emerson Adams & Commander Leigh Carson

Mission: Time for a Change
Location: Private Quarters - Captain Adams
Timeline: 2389/02/20 - 1130

Since she was at the fleet yards, Leigh headed straight for her new ship. She knew that the Crazy Horse was undergoing a refit, but a quick check with the computer showed it was still being maintained habitable during that time. She made her way to the Akira-class vessel, reading a PADD as she walked to learn more about the class and what the refit was about.

Once on board, Leigh asked the computer where her quarters were. The reply was sluggish. Refit. Right.

She got to her own quarters and stashed her stuff. "Computer, is Captain Adams on board?"




"Affirmative. Captain Emerson Adams is in her personal quarters."

"Maybe I should say hi then," Leigh commented to herself.

"Please restate the question."

The commander stared at the ceiling, rolling her eyes. "I wasn't talking to you." And she walked out, crossing the short distance between the quarters of the XO and the CO, and reaching the door. She pressed the chime.

[Captain's Quarters, Deck 2]

Emerson's quarters were spacious enough for her purposes; already clean and converted to the furnishings she preferred. Everything she'd accumulated in years aboard the Steady had been transferred over and now sat in a cluster of crates, one of which was open. She was folding a soft, hand-made blanket when the chime announced a visitor. "Enter," she called out as she placed the blanket on one end of the sofa and looked up.

Hearing the call to enter, Leigh walked in and found a woman in the middle of unpacking. A familiar sight. She came to attention, although to Starfleet levels rather than Marine rigidity. "Captain Adams, I presume?" she asked politely. "I'm Leigh Carson. I'm your new XO."

"Ah yes," Emerson said as she walked over and extended her right hand. "Former detective and security officer, moved around a lot. I remember. And yes, I'm Captain Adams. Please, come in and sit down. Can I get you anything from the replicator?"

"A glass of water, please," Leigh replied as she moved forward to take the offered seat. "It's good to meet you, sir."

Emerson ordered a glass of water and a cup of Vulcan Yellow Leaf tea, handed over the glass of water, and found her own seat on the sofa. "So what brings you to the Crazy Horse?"

Leigh chuckled. "Honestly, it's just where I was sent. Starfleet gives me an assignment and that's where I go. This was where they sent me this time. What about you, sir?"

"Been on the same ship for twelve years, the last five as her Captain. Now she's in for a refit and I've been assigned to the Crazy Horse," she shrugged slightly, her fingers curled around the sides of the cup, an ever so slight smile flitting across her face."I tend to resist reassignment. As a matter of fact, it was something of a ... discussion ... me taking on this ship."

"You wanted to stay with your old ship, I presume?" Leigh asked lightly.

"I intended to retire from that ship," Emerson said. She took a long sip of tea as she considered her new first officer. "I value commitment and loyalty. I don't see the point in breaking up something that works." She shrugged slightly again as she balanced the cup on her thigh. "Starfleet didn't agree and they finally had the leverage to get their way."

Leigh regarded her new captain just as her new captain regarded her. The first officer's mind worked like a detective, investigating the words and considered the implications. "I'm sure they had their reasons," she commented neutrally.

"Obviously," Emerson replied. "At least one would hope that Starfleet acted with reason as opposed to just ... say ... whim."

"One would hope," Leigh agreed, sipping her water. Although one would not necessarily always receive. "I hope that we can make the Crazy Horse just as much a home, then. I have served on Akiras before and am glad to do so again."

Emerson nodded. Her allegiance didn't transfer easily but she was getting there. Before not too long, the Crazy Horse would be her ship just as much as the Steady had once been. "Well, as you know, we're officially on shore leave until the 20th of April when we'll be officially getting under way. Unless you have any questions, you're free to go," Emerson said. She took a sip of tea and followed that with another as she waited for her new first officer to respond.

"Not at the moment, sir," Leigh said simply, finishing her water. "I simply wanted to report in and introduce myself." Since she had already been dismissed, she got to her feet and inclined her head. "It's been good meeting you, Captain Adams. I look forward to serving with you."

"As do I," Emerson said. She watched her new First Officer leave with a thoughtful look on her face that stayed long after the woman was gone.


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