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Captain in Transition

Posted on Wed Aug 14th, 2019 @ 2:20am by Captain Emerson Adams

Mission: Time for a Change
Location: Beachhouse Near San Francisco, Earth
Timeline: 2389/02/20 - 0600

Emerson hung upside with her legs hooked over a suspended bar and pulled herself upward, torso touching the tops of her thighs, the move controlled both going up and then back down. Her moves were smooth and practiced. For a long time she had pushed herself to do one more every time until a good friend pointed out that were she to keep that up, one day, she would have time for nothing else.

A good point. Maybe a bit annoying in the smug delivery but good nevertheless. A balanced workout routine that included inverted sit ups, one armed pushups, martial arts training and a few other things. Two hours every morning that kept her in shape and gave her time to think.

At the moment, she was thinking about the Crazy Horse. While she wasn't formally in command as yet, mostly because the engineering team had her, but she was going to be and that meant preparation. She had already decided to divide her time between the ready room and the beach house. And the beach house part had only become a possibility when an old friend had gotten a two month temporary duty assignment on Bajor. Who could ignore such fortuitous timing? Who would want to?

It was hard to give up and let go; Starfleet command made its decisions and it was up to her to follow through. No matter how addle-brained they were. To think the Commodore called her ship old! The Steady, true to her name, had always gotten her back to port, always done whatever was asked of her. Okay, so maybe there had been a few eccentricities but that was to expected. Part of her charm.

On her next pull up, she grabbed the bar with both hands, pulled her legs through, and dropped down. Shoulder-length, defiantly straight blonde hair, bundled up into an untidy knot, she dropped to the floor and began her pushups.

New ships had no character, no ... charm. Worse, everything probably worked exactly according to specification. 'Wrong thinking,' she told herself sternly. 'Time to start letting go of the Steady, turn toward the Crazy Horse.'

She'd read about its namesake only last night. A Lakota Chief who had lived centuries ago and who had fought to preserve his way of life against an encroaching government. A warrior who remained undefeated; a somewhat aloof individual, loved by his people, who had been murdered only four months after his surrender. She could relate to what he went through and while it was not the kind of name she would have chosen, it was also true that she hadn't particularly liked 'Steadfast' either.

Pushups finished, she stood up. She walked over to the wall where a long stick leaned against the bench and picked it up. Returning to the center of the floor, she moved into the starting position, hidari hanmi kamae.

After this, she thought, I'll go see the ship. Start getting acquainted.. And then, she stopped thinking and just gave herself over to the movements.


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