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Needs a title - about the work being done

Posted on Mon Aug 26th, 2019 @ 2:55pm by Lieutenant Ziq Chura & Captain Emerson Adams

Mission: Time for a Change
Timeline: 2389./02/20 - 1000

Lieutenant Ziq Chura sat at the warp diagnostic console. He’d been sitting there for about two hours watching the Corps of Engineers tech work on taking apart the Crazy Horse’s warp core.

The Bolian has offered to help several times but was told in no uncertain terms to go away. However, being the ship’s Chief Engineer he wanted to stay an observe the work. Although it seemed a good idea at the time he was not getting bored and impatient with sitting and not doing anything.

She had been standing behind him, arms folded across her chest, silently observing the technician work and wondering how long it would take him to figure out she was there. At 5'6", she was by no means the tallest person in the room, but there was about her an aura that set her apart from most. Emerson Adams, while still grieving the loss of her ship, the Steadfast, was also rapidly transitioning to this new ship, the Crazy Horse. Not something that could be easily explained unless you were a captain yourself ... or a Chief Engineer.

“Why are you doing that?” Ziq thought out loud as he watched the tech’s work. “Who trained you? A Klingon!”

"I wonder," Emerson said softly in a voice that while it didn't carry beyond them still managed to contain more than a little humor," how long it will be before I start getting complaints about you."

The sudden voice from behind made Ziq jump out of his very comfortable blue skin. He turned and was about to hurl a load of abuse in their direction when he realised it was a face he hadn’t seen for a while. “Commander Adams? Is that you? What are you doing here?” He said as a smile grew on his face.

"I could say the same thing," she said, smiling cheerfully, "but its Captain now." Her expression sobered suddenly as she said, "they benched the Steadfast."

Chura looked at her collar and raised a surprise eyebrow. “Wow, congratulations. Why bench the Steadfast it was only a couple of years since it’s last refit?”

"Long enough that she was due," Emerson said quietly. It was in her nature to maintain a neutral demeanor when on duty though there were those who could tell by the subtleties of her expressions ... and those very few who could she counted as friends. "Course, all these refits of the Akira Class ships bumped her priority way down. Looking like it will be a year or more before she's ready to get back to work."

“I would apologise but this isn’t my fault! Something to do with fault warp core casings. Who’d have thought it in this day and age. So, what brings you aboard the Crazy Horse?”

"Believe it or not, I'm going to be her new Captain," Emerson said. "Once we can pry her out of the grip of the fleet yard, of course."

“Really? What happened to the other fellow?” Chura asked surprise evident in his voice.

"Special task force assigned to hunt down the Syndicate family that went after the Wanderwell. He agreed on the spot and took the first officer with him which brought the Commodore to my doorstep," Emerson said.

“Ah, well, once we get this refit done you’ll have the very best the Akira Class has to offer.” Chura replied with a smile. “Of course, assuming you still want me as an Engineer aboard this vessel.”

"Absolutely," Emerson said. "As Chief Engineer actually. I need someone who can take care of her the way she should be taken care of and you know me, that's a short list of engineers I trust with a job like that."

If a Bolian could blush, Chura would be doing so right now. “That’s very kind of you to ask. I’m very passionate about getting this ship back into open space.”

"You and me both," Emerson said quietly as she turned her attention back to the engineers. "You and me both."


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