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A Big Disappointment

Posted on Sun Aug 11th, 2019 @ 12:58am by Lieutenant Ziq Chura

Mission: Time for a Change
Location: Starfleet Headquarters, Earth
Timeline: 2389/02/20

Lieutenant Ziq Chura walked out of his meeting with Starfleet Corps of Engineers with a PADD and a surprised look upon his face. He’d just been briefed on the flaw which had affected the five Akira ships which were built in 2388.

The flaw in the ships warp core was only discovered when the USS Hawkin suffered a surprise and fatal warp core breach. After extensive investigation of the debris, the findings were the casing in which the warp core sat had a submicron flaw. After years of extreme stress the casing failed causing a warp core breach.

The closest Akira Class ship built at the same time was called in for investigation. The USS Wellington spent months being pulled apart and was found to have the same flaw. With this information, Corps of Engineers recalled the three other ships one by one to be refitted. The last being the Crazy Horse as she was in the Delta Quadrant.

The majority of the refit work was going to be done by the shipyards personnel, however, Starfleet had deemed it necessary to change the Crazy Horse from a Carrier to a Gun Ship meaning all 40 of the ships fighters had to be unloaded, the shuttle bay and storage need to be rejigged to house more runabouts and the fighter spares compartment was going to be converted into torpedo storage.

Chura enjoyed the sound of the challenge but really upset him was being told his leave had been cancelled for the duration of the refit as they wanted the ship’s Chief Engineer on hand if there were any problems.

When the Bolian heard of a two month leave which meant shore leave he managed to book his favourite villa on Risa’s southern coast. However, he now had to spend the next two months on board or close by to be at the beck and call of the Corps of Engineer’s teams who were going to be working on the Crazy Horse.

With a sigh, he decided to head back to the Crazy Horse and tell his team of Engineers they had work to do and that shore leave would be rotated between them.


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