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This is Not Your Ship

Posted on Fri Aug 9th, 2019 @ 6:07am by Captain Emerson Adams

Mission: Time for a Change
Location: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Timeline: 2389/02/19 - 0730

Emerson Adams stood at a view port watching the notable lack of activity on her ship as she ground her teeth in frustration. Oblivious to the coming and going of people around her, she frowned and as she formulated her attack strategy. The idea was to get the engineers focused on what, to her at least, was the most crucial project in the fleet yards -- getting the Steady back into action again.

"You know," a deep base voice to her right said, "that the Steadfast has been bumped way down the priority list. The Akira refits are going to come first." As Emerson turned, surprise and anger warring for pride of place on her face, he added with a quietly respectful tone, "its looking like a year at least."

"A year," Emerson repeated. If one understood voices, she could be called an alto though she generally only sang while alone in the shower. "That's ... "

"... an optimistic estimate," Commodore Jameson Wainwright said quietly. Like her, he had his face turned to the view port. He was a tall man, nearly 6'4" inches in height, though still as lean as he had been forty years ago when he'd stepped aboard his first ship.

"I was going to say that its unacceptable," Emerson said. "That's my ship. We need to be out there making a difference not ..." She waved toward the ship within its frame. "... imprisoned."

"She was old when you got her," Wainwright said. "You knew that. You were always angling for the older engineers, the ones who knew all the tricks. Anything to keep her flying." He turned slightly toward her. "This is not your ship any longer."

Emerson stood quietly, absorbing the body blow behind the statement, and imagined life without her ship. The very idea of it sent a chill through her lean frame. She was a Captain. She had to have a ship. "And just," she said politely, though her voice sounded rough, as though barely constraining stronger emotions, "where am I supposed to go?"

Wainwright gestured for her to follow which she did; he was, after all, a Commodore and in a position to release the Steady if she could just get him to see reason. It took time that she used to formulate a new strategy and then, he was stopping, gesturing toward another ship. "Meet the Crazy Horse. Akira Class. Launched a little over a month ago, she's currently being reconfigured as a gun ship, scheduled to be back on duty in two months."

"Lovely," Emerson said. "Now, about my ship ..."

Wainwright's expressive mouth twitched every so slightly; he understood her. "You misunderstand. The Crazy is your ship. You'll be installed as its captain once repairs are complete. Between now and then, catch up on your reading. I'm sending a whole lot of stuff your way and there will be some meetings. But for the most part, shore leave. You do remember what that is, don't you?"

"Vaguely," Emerson murmured and because she didn't like to give up that easily, she added. "Its not the Steadfast, but maybe ... just maybe it will do."


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