General Items
VIP/Diplomatic Guest Quarters   The Akira Class is a symbol of UFP authority, a tool in dealing with other races. Starfleet intends to use Akira Class in diplomacy several times, and the need to transport or accommodate Very Important Persons, diplomats, or ambassadors may arise.

USS Crazy Horse    [ View Specifications » ]
Marine Detachment   Detachment Commander's Office
- Workout Rooms
- Armory
- Range
- Training Holodeck
Navigational Deflector/Tractor Beam   Description of the Navigation Deflector and Tractor Beam Systems
Main Bridge   A description of the Bridge of the USS Crazy Horse
Security/Tactical Department   Description of Security/Tactical areas (note that while the department is restricted, the command staff is always permitted access)
Main Engineering   Located on Deck 14, Main Engineering is the ‘heart’ of the ship, comparable to the bridge as the ‘brain’. It has access to almost all systems aboard the starship, and manages repairs, power flow, and general maintenance.
Computer System   Description of the computer system
Universal Translator   The Universal Translator matrix aboard an Akira Class starships typically consists of well over 100,000 languages and increases with every new encounter
Propulsion Systems   Warp, Impulse and Reaction Control Systems
Transporter Systems   Number of Systems: 12
Personnel Transporters: 4 (Transporter Rooms 1-4)
Cargo Transporters: 4
Emergency Transporters: 4
Communications   Standard Communications Range: 42,000 - 100,000 kilometers
Standard Data Transmission Speed: 18.5 kiloquads per second
Subspace Communications Speed: Warp 9.9997
Sensors   Description of Sensor Systems (excluding tactical)
Tactical Sensors   Description of Tactical Sensors
Stellar Cartography   Description of Stellar Cartography
Medical Systems   Description of Medical Services
Crew Quarters (Non-Coms and Ensigns)   All crew and officers' (except for the Commanding officer's and Executive Officer's, which are located on deck 2) quarters are located on decks A, B, 2-5, 13-15 and deck 17.

Individuals assigned to the Akira Class for periods over six months are permitted to reconfigure their quarters within hardware, volume, and mass limits. Individuals assigned for shorter periods are generally restricted to standard quarters configuration.
Officers' Quarters   Starfleet personnel from the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade up to Commander are given one set of quarters to themselves.
Captain and Executive Officer Quarters   The Captain and Executive Officer of the vessel both have special quarters, located on Deck 2. They are located on a higher deck because these two people must be closer to the bridge in the event of an Alert situation.
Recreational Systems   Summary of recreational systems
The Lounge   Description of the Lounge
Flight Bay   Description of Flight Operations