Time for a Change

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The USS Crazy Horse is ordered back to Utopia Planitia to undergo reconfiguration, from carrier to gun ship, and to correct a potentially dangerous design flaw. While there, a new command team comes on board as well as other personnel changes. The crew is given shore leave and a chance to reconnect with family and friends.

Start Date Mon Feb 20th, 2389 @ 1:49am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
People watching
by Lieutenant Vincenzo ("Vinnie") D'Onofrio
2389/03/08 - 21:00 Galactic Gaming Casino - Mars Colony
A Meeting Of The Minds
by Lieutenant Julian Windsong-Price & Captain Emerson Adams
2389/02/21 - 1730 Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1
The More Things Change...
by Commander Leigh Carson
2389/02/20 - 1315 Commander Carson's Quarters
The New Guard
by Captain Emerson Adams & Commander Leigh Carson
2389/02/20 - 1130 Private Quarters - Captain Adams
New Challenges Ahead
by Commander Leigh Carson
2389/02/20 - 1100
New Opportunities
by Captain Emerson Adams & Lieutenant Vincenzo ("Vinnie") D'Onofrio
2389/02/20 - 0800 Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1
Captain in Transition
by Captain Emerson Adams
2389/02/20 - 0600 Beachhouse Near San Francisco, Earth
A Big Disappointment
by Lieutenant Ziq Chura
2389/02/20 Starfleet Headquarters, Earth
This is Not Your Ship
by Captain Emerson Adams
2389/02/19 - 0730 Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
A New Slate
by Lieutenant Julian Windsong-Price & Captain Taylor Price
2389/02/17 Lahina Maur
Needs a title - about the work being done
by Lieutenant Ziq Chura & Captain Emerson Adams
2389./02/20 - 1000

Mission Summary

2389-02-19: USS Crazy Horse arrives at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards where Captain Ronan Channe and Lt. Cmdr. Ba'zra Jennings depart the ship for immediate reassignment. Captain Emerson Adams is informed that she will be assuming command of the Crazy Horse once repairs are completed.