Time for a Change

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The USS Crazy Horse is ordered back to Utopia Planitia to undergo reconfiguration, from carrier to gun ship, and to correct a potentially dangerous design flaw. While there, a new command team comes on board as well as other personnel changes. The crew is given shore leave and a chance to reconnect with family and friends.

To the Moon and Back

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Protestors strongly resist the plan to begin construction for the gateway on the home world.

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Shopping Trip

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While the gateway project moves into prototype construction, the Theori learn that their fully automated vessel, tasked with gathering necessary materials, is overdue and is no longer answering hails.

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First Look

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The Theori of Theoron IV have requested admittance into the United Federation of Planets. The USS Crazy Horse has been dispatched to their home world to evaluate the petition, help with shield repairs, and inspect the gateway technology project.

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What Came Before

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Significant moments in the lives of those who served aboard the USS Wanderwell.

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The Only Easy Day...

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The remainder of the Wanderwell's crew gathers to remember those who died and discover what will happen next.

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