Lieutenant Vincenzo ("Vinnie") D'Onofrio

Name Vincenzo ("Vinnie") D'Onofrio

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Nickname Chance
Gender Male
Species Iotian
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2" (187.96cm)
Weight 225 lbs
Hair Color Black (wavy, worn short)
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description When on duty, Vinnie's uniform is neatly pressed and his boots highly polished. When off duty, he dresses impeccably -- all of his clothes tend to be upscale. Even when dressing down', Vinnie wears an upscale, dress shirt and slacks. Despite that, he is as comfortable in his clothes as most people feel in Bluejeans and a T-Shirt; he's never been afraid to get dirty when the need arises though he does hate to ruin a good suit.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Antonio
Mother Maria Theresa
Brother(s) Leonardo, Marcello, and Francesco
Sister(s) Theresa and Magdalena

Personality & Traits

General Overview Because of his experience in the family business, Vinnie is quite capable of taking charge of a situation but does not need to be the central figure in the room. In most cases, he prefers to fade into the background where he can watch people and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Vinnie comes from a traditional Iotian family that has adapted grudgingly to changes in their society but maintains a strong belief in the old ways. He is the first member of his family to join star fleet and has taken a lot of ribbing about being a traitor to the family. However, anyone who knows him knows that he is loyal to the family and true to his friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Good physical shape - marathon runner
+ Street Fighter
+ Marksman in both energy weapons and antique weapons
+ Attentive listener, can be extremely charming, always aware of his surroundings, one notices how his sharp gaze tracks changes in his environment.

- Not much for studying and classwork so generally an average student (excelled in practical application)
- Has a soft spot for women in trouble. If there's a way that Vinnie can be 'conned' its through a damsel in distress

+ Being well dressed (usually upscale)

- Not being able to see what's coming at him. He tends to choose places where he can sit with his back to a wall -- or at least, a place where no one can get behind him.
Hobbies & Interests + theater (he's been doing amateur productions for years)
+ dance - especially ballroom
+ Collecting antique firearms; also proficient at repair and upkeep of those weapons

Personal History While growing up Vinnie's parents despaired of him ever getting an education despite sending him to the best schools money could buy. Vinnie was never what you would call a good student and tended to do the minimum needed to pass, often times using his charm and talent to ingratiate himself with others and get the help he needed to pass the courses.

Always one to be attracted to the ladies, Vinnie decided the best way to get to know them was to hang out with them so he joined the drama club, took up various forms of dance, etc. While the jocks were trying to impress the ladies, Vinnie was chatting them up. However, because of his family background he had to take up some kind of sport or the family and guys in the neighborhood would never stop harassing him. So he took up Marathon Running, a sport that appealed to him on many levels. After a while, he ran for the pleasure that running gave him, and though competition was just another excuse to run, he usually did well, often placing in the top ten.

Despite being "connected" he got into a fair number of fights in his youth, at least when he couldn't talk his way out, and learned to think fast on his feet. Lacking the heavy musculature needed to win in a straight trade, fist for fist, Vinnie has developed a typically Iotian street smart style of fighting that makes anything within reach a potential weapon. He's as likely to use furniture as fists in a fight.

Around the age of 13, Vinnie became intrigued with antique firearms because of a book his father had in the family library. As a result Vinnie started a collection of antique and replicated firearms. To date he has managed to obtain quite a few weapons which he maintains in working order and has a shop on Iotia that creates ammunition for them. His collection of weapons includes: a Colt 45 Peacemaker, a Winchester Rifle, a 357 Magnum Revolver, a 45 Automatic, Barretta 9 mm Automatic, a Tommy Gun, a 38 Special Revolver, a 2 & 4 shot Deringer, AK-47, Tavor, Uzi and a Thompson Machine Gun. He is very proud of his collection and practices with them on a regular basis. He has become an excellent shot with these weapons and keeps a small part of his collection with him where ever he travels.
Service Record 2389-Now: Transferred to USS Crazy Horse, Asst. Chief of Security
2385-2389: Security Officer, USS Ursa Major
2381-2385: Starfleet Academy, Major Security

Starfleet Academy
Unlike the required schooling back on Sigma Iotia II the training at Starfleet Academy was something Vinnie wanted very much. As such he was willing to work very hard at his studies, however, because of his poor study habits and his only slightly above average intellect, he was never able to achieve more then average grades. He impressed his instructors with his determination to succeed despite the odds against him. Of course part of why he always succeeded was that he once again relied on his wits and charm to get people to help him through the rough spots.

Because of his love for weapons Vinnie spent a lot of time working on his marksmanship with the various phaser rifles and pistols available in starfleet. Although, never quite good enough to make the Marksmanship team he is above average with most weapons.

In hand to hand combat training he became intrigued with the martial arts concepts being taught but still maintains there is no substitute for a good 2x4 in a brawl.

During his free time at the Academy Vinnie spent his time getting to know his Instructors, fellow Cadets, and local businessmen. On more then one occasion he was able to help someone out and many of the people he met have become friends and associates.

Toward the end of his first year at the Academy Vinnie found a nice Italian restaurant near the campus. The food and atmosphere were such that it reminded him of home and he was finally able to relax and feel at home in his new surroundings.. He was so excited about finding this place he wrote and told his family all about it even sending them pictures of the place. Two weeks later, returning from a training cruise, he went to the restaurant for dinner. When he entered he saw guys from his “crew” back home working at the restaurant. When he asked one of them why, he simply said “Just in case”.