Lieutenant Julian Windsong-Price

Name Julian Windsong-Price

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Akadian
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Like all Akadians, Julian is shorter than the average human. He stands just a shade over 5’5” and weighs less than one hundred thirty pounds. No one would describe him as having an intimidating body. He doesn’t even have a six-pack. However, there’s not a trace of fat on his body and all one hundred twenty-five pounds is muscle. And though he doesn’t have a six-pack he is nonetheless well defined with a swimmer’s body.

His hair is ash brown with a smattering of blond highlights that get more pronounced in the summer or if he gets lots of sun. It’s worn moderately short, within regulation guidelines and it is his one concession to style. He takes advantage of its natural waviness and uses a variety of products to enhance and control it.

He is occasionally clean-shaven, but his go-to look is a couple of days of stubble. His eyes, which clearly demonstrate he is not Terran, are larger than humans and feral looking and resemble an earth cat. They are a soft forest green with a few flakes of brown in them.

His superior Akadian reflexes make his movements graceful, like those of a dancer.

When not in uniform, or dressed for an undercover assignment he prefers form over fashion. Style and trendiness take a back seat to comfort and durability.


Spouse Taylor Price
Children None
Father Loren Wiingsong
Mother Nyree Wingsong
Brother(s) Ren, Andro, Micah Paul,
Sister(s) Meredith, Rachel, Sara, Emily, Dian
Other Family Various cousins, half-siblings, uncles, and aunts

Personality & Traits

General Overview The Windsong family are one of the three principal families that make up the Ruling Council of Akadia and most of its members would argue that they are the most influential of all the families on the planet. The Winterstorms and the Astorians, the other two families that made up the permanent members of the Council could make the same argument and in many cases actually, do so with some frequency. On more than one occasion they had done so in the Council chambers

So, while that issue is up for debate, what is not debatable was the Windsong’s ability at intrigue, subterfuge and building alliances with diverse groups of people. Those are their greatest strengths. Their carefully chosen tutors teach them those strategies and principles from early childhood and they are reinforced by being modeled by the older family members.

It falls to the first-born son to the Council Elder and one of the key rulers on the planet. But other family members serve in important roles; Regional Governors, Committee members and chairs, ambassadors, and bureaucrats. As well as military and merchants.

But regardless of rank, role, or position, the training in intrigue is ingrained in each member of the Windsong family and that holds true for Julian.

He is loyal and committed, with a sense of justice a hatred of bullies or those who take advantage of others and a strong moral compass. It also made him cunning and even, under the right circumstances a bit duplicitous. He sometimes colors way outside the lines.

Languages spoken Akadian, Federation Standard, Klingon

Strengths & Weaknesses Physically, because he is an Akadian he is about as strong as a human female. However, he is quite a bit more agile and dexterous, about on the level of a world-class Olympic athlete. He also has excellent hand-eye coordination. Like Vulcans and Romulans, he has a copper-based blood system and is susceptible to the same disease and conditions they would be. His feral eyes give him a unique appearance. He is also able to see in the dark, as long as there is some light source (he couldn’t see in a cave as an example), almost as well as he can in the day.

He is highly intuitive, which means he tends to be good at gut reactions, but he is not good at analytical skills, hard sciences, or higher math as an example. He’s good at reacting on the fly or thinking well on his feet, but he's not so good at overall planning. So, if you find yourself in a situation where everything has gone to hell and you need to get out, he’s your guy. If you want to not be in that situation, because you’ve planned everything out down to the nth degree, so things don’t go to hell, he probably isn’t your guy.

He is a strong empath with the ability to sense deep, even hidden emotions, regardless of how well hidden. He can communicate with other telepaths and with his bondmate and husband Taylor, but for the most part, he doesn’t read the thoughts of others. When people talk, regardless of their language, at least humanoid languages, he can understand them. His strongest psionic skill is his ability to shield. Not only can he put up mental walls to keep from being overwhelmed by other’s emotions, but he can also shield his thoughts and emotions from all but the deepest of probes. On a more limited basis, he can do the same for others close to him.

He is still dealing with what happened to him on his last posting, the Gladiator. It was emotionally traumatizing for he and Taylor his lover, but the two did both survive and did become bondmates, an Akadian form of marriage, and had officially been married.

In Terran terms, most Akadians were both polyamorous and pansexual. And this was true for Julillain. Now that he is in a committed relationship with Taylor he has had to curb that natural inclination.
Ambitions On a personal level, now that he and Taylor are husband and husband, he would like to raise a family, either through adoption or through a surrogate. On a professional level, he has no real desire to command his own vessel one day. But he would someday like to become hear of Starfleet Intel and to be able to go back home in triumph
Hobbies & Interests Parkour, chess, hiking, camping, almost anything with and outdoor theme, and spending time in the holodeck.

Personal History Julian was born on April 6, 2360, in Melidain, the capital of Akadia on the Berean Sea. the fourth born son to Loren and Nyree Winterstom. The Winterstom family is one of the most powerful and influential on the planet, which could have led to Julian being spoiled and entitled. But, while his parents had many faults, allowing their children to go down that path was not one of them.

Julian was highly competitive from an early age. While he was an adequate student when it came to academic achievements, he excelled in the social ones. He was naturally gregarious and a social butterfly and he took to the non-academic training that some species would call tradecraft, like a duck to water.

Being the fourth born meant he wouldn’t have a prestigious role in the government, but he was okay with that He knew his other skill set would be useful and he was more than willing to do his part for the good and honor of the family, as well as the good for Akdia.

However, there was one Akdian tradition that Julian found archaic, especially when his father tried to apply it to him. Arranged marriages are a way for families to consolidate power or make new alliances. At fourteen Julian was betrothed to Ian Acainus. The Acainus family, which had served as bodyguards and protectors for all the Council families for generations, but who had held no real power of their own were looking to change that. Loren saw it as a great opportunity Trading some of the Windsong’s influence and power in exchange for a piece of a very lucrative close protection business.

The Windsong simply had to sponsor the Acainus family into one of the Seven Lesser Families(who served for three years on a rotating basis). They were still members of the Council and could vote on issues and had a say, but they could be vetoed by any of the permanent members

Brian was to marry Ian Acainus who was about the same age, to facilitate the transaction. Neither was in love with each other or did they want the bonding/marriage to go through. When nothing they tried to do to get out of it seemed to work, they decided to run away. Ironically, they would leave together.

But, they didn’t stay together long. Ian stayed on the freighter had hitched a ride with, while Julian had other ideas. The Windsongs, at least Loren despised the Federation with all the rules and regulations they considered nonsensical so one of the reasons Julian joined was to get back at his father.

It wasn’t so much a whim as it a stop-gap measure until something better came along. But, as time passed he decided that not only did he really like it, his skills and abilities he had learned as a child, plus a lot of hard work had made him very good at what he did. And, what he did was Intel.

His ability to read other people's emotions understand their languages, his innate ability to interact with a wide diversity of people, the tradecraft he’d learned both at home and at the Academy helped shape him into an excellent infiltration specialist who loved going undercover and taking on a totally different personality.

He was quite content and satisfied with his life, living it on his own terms and being kept on a very loose leash by his superiors as long as the produced results(which he did), But, then he fell in love with a tough Marine. named Taylor Price five years ago. The love he has shared with Taylor has caused him to mature. Deciding to switch from infiltration specialist to department head and intelligence generalist was not the easiest decision to make, but it was one that he did willingly. And once he had done so it was easy to carry out and live with. What was more difficult to change was his wandering eyes. It is still sometimes difficult because of the polyamorous nature of Akadians.

Service Record 2378-2382 Starfleet Academy
2382-2385 USS Mercury Infiltration Specialist
2384-2385 USS Gladiator Infiltration Specialist
2385-2387 Special Assignment billeted at Science Colony Amphrities
2387-2389 USS GladiatorA Asst. Chief of Intel
2389-Present USS Crazy Horse Chief of Intel