Captain Emerson Adams

Name Emerson Adams

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34 (Born 2355)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Lean and well-muscled with an inverted triangle body shape (wider shoulders, narrow waist). Her hair is straight and worn about shoulder length; her eyes are hazel in color. She wears gender-neutral clothing when off duty.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jeddidiah Adams
Mother Amelia Stanton Adams
Brother(s) Quinn, William, John, James, and Michael
Sister(s) None
Other Family Many

Personality & Traits

General Overview She’s adaptable and a quick-learner when her interest is engaged. When it comes to divvying up the work, she’ll usually volunteer for the hard stuff and leave cooking and the like to someone else … anyone else. She’s a loving and loyal friend, the type to run toward danger, to place herself between others and the chaos. She can sleep practically anywhere and has no interest whatsoever in small talk. She laughs easily and often, enjoys adventure, and hates being left behind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Independent, self-reliant
+ Investigative, questioning mind. Good at seeing the big picture and thinking moves ahead.
+ Bit of an explorer at heart, curious, adaptive to new situations
+ Intuitive - thinks both consciously and subconsciously, good at putting the pieces together
+ Understands people, thinks things through, and has the courage to stand up for what she believes in.
+ Honest, loyal, a good friend

- Stubborn/Persistent. Hard for her to give up on something that matters to her.
- Doesn't develop close relationships quickly. More likely to keep people at a distance until she knows them well enough. Inviting you to her quarters is a sign that she's begun to trust you - you've breached the outer barricades so to speak.
- Bit of an insomniac, especially when she's working through a problem

- She loathes communication before she’s had her morning coffee - strong and black. Do not get in between her and that coffee. Its as easy as that.
- Hates, literally hates, women who flirt with men as a way to get things done - it's a way to lose her respect almost instantly.
Ambitions She's living the dream already - her ship, the stars, her duty. Its all good though it would be nice to find a woman to share it with one day.
Hobbies & Interests + Been studying Aikido since she was four and holds a 3rd degree black belt.
+ Horseback riding
+ Anything to do with the water - loves to swim, dive, sail, etc.
+ Spending time with friends - just don't ask her to cook
+ Chess/Go
+ Reading non-fiction (primarily history)
+ Interest in astronomy
+ Likes working with her hands. Back home, she builds furniture from wood. Finds its a good way to quiet her mind. She has a holodeck program that is basically a re-creation of her workshop.

Personal History Emerson is the youngest of six. She grew up on the coast of Maine; her father is an oceanographer and her mother, an artist. Her parents had a large house that was always in need of repairs; to her and her five brothers, the fact that home was just a short walk from the beach made the leaky roof and the noisy pipes worthwhile. She was active and energetic and nearly always at odds with her mother who had an entirely different idea of how her daughter should behave.

As is true with most siblings, there were arguments and rivalries and more than one prank but in the end, the siblings were also loyal to each other. Harm one and you faced all six of the Adams' kids. She started studying Aikido at the age of four and by the time she was 14, had her first black belt. And while she didn't court trouble, she learned how to defend herself if trouble came looking for her.

Her teachers remarked that she had an active, curious mind though keeping her attention was sometimes problematic. She was interested in history and took shop classes in carpentry. She became a lifeguard and took basic courses in first aid. She would never be one of the 'popular crowd' as they seemed to judge inclusion upon what she thought of as shallow criteria (such as looks or fashion sense).

She had her first kiss at the age of fifteen. There was this girl, Annalise, who sat in front of her during her science class, strawberry blonde hair and a smile that could blind a person. They shared an interest in the stars and it was on one cool night, lying on a blanket naming constellations, that they kissed. They remained together for a year before Annalise and her parents had to move.

And somewhere in all of that, she began to think about the course her life would take. She knew already that she wasn't staying in Raynott Cove. The stars captured her imagination and drew her in a way that she couldn't quite explain though she tried. She applied for Starfleet Academy and was accepted immediately. Her going away party was legendary.

Service Record 2389: Assigned command of USS Crazy Horse, an Akira Class vessel undergoing refit at the same facility
2389: USS Steadfast ordered to Utopia Planitia for extensive refit
2383: Promoted to Captain upon retirement of the ship's commanding officer, USS Steadfast
2381: Promoted to First Officer, USS Steadfast
2377: Assigned to USS Steadfast, a Defiant Class patrol/escort vessel, assigned to the Alpha Quadrant, as Second Officer and Chief of Intelligence.
2377: Graduated Starfleet Academy with honors.
2373: Entered Starfleet Academy - asked for security; however, exceptional scores on her placement tests, resulted in her placement in the command track as well as intelligence.