Commander Leigh Carson

Name Leigh Carson

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 147 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description By genetics, Leigh has a solid figure and she uses it to her advantage on the job and works to keep it that way. She’s on the tall side of average and she keeps her dark brown hair just below her shoulders, but keeps it tied back more often than not. She is a woman who is more handsome than pretty, with facial features that tend to be harder than the classic image of beauty. She does have a vibrant smile, when she actually shows it.


Spouse N/A (Divorced)
Children N/A
Father Tim Carson
Mother April Carson
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Leigh is both stubborn and headstrong, having been born the daughter of a miner. She tends to see things in a rather black and white manner and always pursues what she believes to be the just course, regardless of the effort that takes. When she manages to pull herself off duty, she’s at first reserved but can be surprisingly social and outgoing in her humor, when she decides to let loose.

In direct contrast to her persona on the job, she spends her off-time writing romantic fiction in a world wildly creative compared to her stark view on law and order.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Smart. Loyal and dedicated. Hardworking. Strong moral compass.
Weaknesses: Stubborn. A bit too linear. Overworks.
Hobbies & Interests Anything active, like rock climbing. Enjoys nature when she can get out in it. Reading and writing fiction.

Personal History In the earlier days of humanity’s exploring past our own universe, after warp drive became more common in use, a system was discovered, and the primary star was named Relec. There were four planets in the system and all of them were geologically noteworthy for their rich ore deposits. It would later be discovered that the planetary compositions of all four allowed for a very profitable and very long-term mining operation.

Only Relec Prime was inhabitable without the use of bio-domes and thus it was colonized, slowly building in size and operation to include numerous races aside from the humans who first discovered it, as well as specialized mining operations on the three other planets.

It would, however, ultimately fall outside of declared Federation space and would end up maintaining a technological level close to that of twentieth century Earth with warp capability, which maintained their trade for the entirely self-sufficient colony. The colony maintains its own schools, legal system, and medical matters, although most things are focused on the mining business. Although not within Federation jurisdiction, the system still maintains trade agreements with many Federation worlds.

In November of 2347, in Fallon City on Relec Prime, Leigh Carson was born to April and Tim Carson. Tim was a miner and April worked in the Fallon City Main Station, which controls traffic and maintains records. Leigh was always an active baby and later an active child, although on a world lacking more modern entertainments, she found her own ways to keep busy with reading and writing, when not involved with school or playing with other kids.

When she was thirteen, the station that her mother worked at was robbed and April was beaten up. She had been working alone on a late shift, and she was in the hospital for two weeks following. This was a turning point for Leigh. She became fascinated with law enforcement and once she graduated high school, she sought a job as a cop. Her grades were good enough to get her accepted to the Relec Prime Police Academy, and she learned fast about the ways of the job. She became a full-time uniformed officer by age eighteen.

It was around this time that she met James Cassidy, a young resident at the hospital closest to Fallon City. The relationship was quick and intense, and they married when Leigh was nineteen. He continued to pursue his medical career, and she her law enforcement one. Things were good for a while, but Leigh's job consumed her more. It was necessary for her chosen profession, but the same thing was necessary for his as well. They spent less and less time together and eventually, they realized it wouldn't work when Leigh made detective. They divorced when she was twenty-two.

She would spend two years as in investigations working major crimes before feeling the need to branch out. Quitting the Fallon Police, she left to join Starfleet. Four more years of training at the academy followed, and Leigh naturally pursued security. She felt something like resentment for the retraining, longing to be at work again and doing something that mattered, but she understood the necessity. All throughout, she kept up with her writing, but it was very private. It was something she told very few about.

By twenty-seven, she graduated and was sent to her first posting on the USS Washington at the rank of ensign. Despite it having broken up her marriage, in part, she found no reason to work any less at her job. Unfortunately for her, she was assigned this post just as the Dominion War was really getting dark.

After the Washington, she was posted to Starbase Acadia. A month later, a battle of the war was fought there. Leigh helped protect the ship and its people, but it was difficult and she spent a period in the infirmary afterwards before being transferred to the Adams.

This was about the time the trouble started. The incidents on Acadia had left her a little more traumatized than she realized, and her ex-husband reentered her life. She began drinking ‘real’ liquor, but she kept up with her duty during her time on the Adams. Soon, though, realized she had a problem.

With the war over and before it ruined her career forever, she took a leave of absence. She returned home.

Leigh shuffled off her ex-husband and concentrated for the next few months on getting her life back on track, which she managed to do. She curbed her drinking and started writing again, mostly due to staying with her parents. Finally, she wanted back into the Fleet, and she was granted a post as chief of security on Starbase Zenith and later on the Neptune.

After three years on the Neptune, she wanted a greater challenge and she applied for a command track. After a distance course, she was promoted to commander and given the executive officer job on the Ramses. Now, she looks forward to even further horizons as she transfers to the Crazy Horse.
Service Record EDUCATION:
Graduated High School: 2364
Graduated Basic Training, Police Academy: 2365
Graduated SF Academy: 2374

Fallon City Cop: 2365-2368
Fallon City Detective: 2368-2370
USS Washington, Security Officer: 2374-2374
Starbase Acadia, Security Officer: 2374-2375
USS Adams, Security Officer: 2375-2376
Leave of Absence: 2376-2377
Starbase Zenith, Security Chief: 2377-2382
USS Neptune, Security Chief: 2382-2385
USS Ramses, Executive Officer: 2385-2389
USS Crazy Horse, Executive Officer: 2389