Lieutenant Ziq Chura

Name Ziq Chura

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10
Weight 90kg
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ziq is a chubby but has broad shoulders


Personality & Traits

General Overview Ziq is an easy going Bolian, who is generally right, even if he’s wrong he’ll be right. He enjoys his work and his food, hence his cubby physical appearance. He enjoys holidaying on Risa and enjoys the company of Risian ladies.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Hard working
+ Knows his area of expertise
+ Is a foody

- Is always right, even when he isn’t
- Can occasionally get a little hot headed
- Doesn’t always remember the chain of command
Ambitions Ziq would like to retire to Risa and open his own restaurant.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys reading, socialising and eating food.

Personal History Ziq Chura was born in 2355. When he was a week old he was left outside a local hospital on Bularus with a note saying to look after him while his parents were away on holiday.

Due to DNA testing his parents were traced, found and faced prosecution for abandoning a child. Later they were sent to prison for 10 years for their crime.

With this Ziq was placed into the Bolian Child Care system. Unfortunately, he never found a family. He spent the first 16 years of his life living in child care homes, which he often ran away from just to find his own space.

At the age of 16 he was released from the BCC and told to fend for himself. He quickly fell in with the ‘wrong crowd’ and became a regular visitor of the local law enforcement. This group taught him how to manipulate computers and gain access remotely, reconfigure programs to act in different ways and how to override lockouts. Chura began to get into trouble over petty crime, stealing data, transferring credits from peoples accounts and stealing hover vehicles and shuttles.

A few months shy of his 18th birthday, Ziq hacked into the Federation mainframe. Why? Just because it was there and he was bored. He found it amusing to change high ranking Starfleet Admiral’s names or ranks in the database.

Starfleet Security tracked Chura down and he was arrested. The Starfleet Commander in charge of the Starfleet operation was impressed with how the young man had managed to break into the mainframe like he did. Reviewing his local criminal record, it seemed to him that he had a gift working with computers.

The Commander went to see if him the brig and offered Ziq a choice, spend time in prison or put his knowledge to better use and join Starfleet. Chura considered the offer, he had considered joining Starfleet but had no desire to fight in the war with Dominion. However, he knew Starfleet would make sure he got the maximum sentence for his crime.

He finally agreed to join Starfleet and the Commander, Commander Clay, sponsored his application into the Academy. Chura began his journey in Starfleet.

Due to a lack of manpower and with the war with the Dominion, the need to get people through the academy meant the usual 4 year stay and education had been reduced to 2 years. The first year was basic Starfleet training. The second was a Specialist year which you were given a crash course in their chosen field. For Chura this was Engineering.

Ziq graduated in the top 10% of the Engineering field. His graduation day was one to remember as he graduated the day the war officially ended.

After the double celebration, Chura was assigned to the USS Centaur as an Engineer. The Bolian enjoyed his time in the Centaur but was eager for a new challenge when one came up.

The USS Liberty, was a freshly refit Akira Class, Chura was assigned to the Engineering team aboard. Two years after joining Liberty he was promoted to Lieutenant JG.

In 2383, he was rotated off the Liberty and transferred to the USS Namur, another refit Akira Class vessel. This time he was given more responsibility and made Assistant Chief after having an excellent work rate during his time aboard the Liberty.

In 2386, Ziq decided to take a Specialist course at the academy. His training had been rushed due to the war and mainly only had on the job training rather than the technical knowledge behind some of his work. He decided to do a propulsion course.

Upon completion of the Propulsion course, he was transferred to the older Excelsior Class, USS Dragonstar as their Assistant Chief Engineer. He enjoyed his time aboard the Excelsior Class vessel but he felt he needed a new challenge so put in a transfer to a vessel in the Delta Quadrant.

He was accepted aboard the USS Crazy Horse and promoted to Lieutenant and made her Chief Engineer.
Service Record 2373-2375: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2375-2379: USS Centaur - Engineer - Ensign
2379-2383: USS Liberty - Engineer -Ensign/Lieutenant JG
2383-2386: USS Namur - Assistant Chief Engineer - Lieutenant JG
2386-2387: Starfleet Academy - Specialist Course ‘Propulsion’ - Lieutenant JG
2387-2389: USS Dragonstar - Assistant Chief Engineer - Lieutenant JG
2389-present: USS Crazy Horse - Chief Engineer - Lieutenant