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Weekly Report #004

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 2:38am by Captain Emerson Adams

=/\= Incoming Transmission. Report Begins.
=/\= USS Crazy Horse
=/\= Weekly Sim Report #004
=/\= Captain Emerson Adams Reporting...


We'll be getting under way shortly. I see that there are some JPs in the works and I would ask that you get them finished this week so that we can start the new mission on Sunday.

Congratulations go to Commander Leigh Carson as our player of the month. She writes for two main characters and one PNPC and had the highest post count for the month! She gets involved, she helps with reporting, and is responsible for our lovely graphics. Job very well done!

We still have some positions open. Until we can find players to fill these slots, I'm asking if anyone would like to write a PNPC? Positions I'd like to fill include:

** Chief Science Officer
** Chief Diplomat
** Counselor
** Flight Control

And of course, if you've a mind to write a minor character in another department, be sure to reach out to the department head.

New Mission will be starting soon -- look for the departure post.

Captain Emerson Adams
Commanding Officer
USS Crazy Horse


Ship's Status: Undergoing Repair/Refit
Undergoing repair of a submicron flaw in the warp core that could result in a breach when the core was placed under sufficient stress. At the same time, the Crazy Horse is being reconfigured as a gun ship meaning 40 fighters are being offloaded, changes made to the shuttle bay and storage area to house additional runabouts, and the fighter spare compartment converted to torpedo storage. Estimated completion date for the work is 19 April 2389.

Location: Utopia Planitia Fleetyards
Crew Status: Shore Leave 2389/02/19 - 2389/04/20

=/\= PLOT SUMMARY =/\=

While setting up her quarters, Carson reflects on her career choices through her adult life before having a quick chat with her mother. D'Onofrio does some people watching in a Mars casino, witnessing an interaction between some of the Crazy Horse's science officers. Price and Windsong-Price enjoy their holiday together, thinking about the past and discussing the future.


Total Posts for August: 9
Total Posts for September (to date): 2

Player: Star Geek, CO
-/\- Captain Emerson Adams (PC)

Final August Post Count: 5
To Date September Post Count: -

Player: Bella, XO
-/\- Commander Leigh Carson (PC)
-/\- Junior Lieutenant Geneva Bellerose (PC)
-/\- Junior Lieutenant Addison Wheeler (NPC)

Final August Post Count: 6
To Date September Post Count: -

Player: Steve, 2XO
-/\- Lieutenant Ziq Chura (PC)

Final August Post Count: 4
To Date September Post Count: -

Player: Cetan Tyr
-/\- Lt. JG Vincenzo D'Onofrio (PC)

Final August Post Count: 1
To Date September Post Count: 1

Player: Kim Powers
-/\- Marine Captain Taylor Price (PC)

Final August Post Count: 0
To Date September Post Count: 1

Player: Chris Taylor
-/\- Lieutenant Julian Windsong-Price (PC)

Final August Post Count: 0
To Date September Post Count: 1

NOTE: Reminder that all players are asked to post, at the very minimum, once every two weeks. Shore leave is a great time to introduce the off-duty side of your character and give us a look at their personal lives.

Report Prepared By:
Commander Leigh Carson
With Input From Captain Emerson Adams


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