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Weekly Report #001

Posted on Wed Aug 14th, 2019 @ 6:12am by Captain Emerson Adams

/\= Incoming Transmission. Report Begins.
=/\= USS Crazy Horse
=/\= Weekly Sim Report #001
=/\= Captain Emerson Adams Reporting...


With Captain Channe's departure and the Crazy Horse in the clutches of a refit team at the Utopia Planitia Fleetyards, I will be dividing my time for the next two months between personal pursuits and getting myself acquainted with both the ship and its mission. Toward that end, I have learned from Commodore Jameson Wainwright we will be on patrol here in the Alpha Quadrant for the forseeable future.

There are some crew changes of note. For one, with the depature of 40 fighters, the position of Group Commander has been eliminated.

New arrivals:
Lt. JG Vincenzo D'Onofrio - Asst. Chief of Security
Lt. Julian Windsong-Price - Chief Intelligence Officer
Captain Taylor Price - Marine Commanding Officer
Commander Leigh Carson - Executive Officer
Petty Officer 3rd Class Callan Armidale - Infiltration Specialist (returning from ELOA for emergency surgery)

Lt. Zig Chura to Chief Engineering Officer and Second Officer

While wrangling with Starfleet to get our open positions filled, I intend to meet with my officers as they return from shore leave. For the new arrivals, I will meet with them personally before putting them on shore leave as well.

Open Positions:
- Chief Science Officer
- Chief Operations Officer
- Chief Flight Control Officer
- Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Captain Emerson Adams
Commanding Officer
USS Crazy Horse


Ship's Status: Undergoing Repair/Refit
Undergoing repair of a submicron flaw in the warp core that could result in a breach when the core was placed under sufficient stress. At the same time, the Crazy Horse is being reconfigured as a gun ship meaning 40 fighters are being offloaded, changes made to the shuttle bay and storage area to house additional runabouts, and the fighter spare compartment converted to torpedo storage. Estimated completion date for the work is 19 April 2389.
Location: Utopia Planitia Fleetyards
Crew Status: Shore Leave 2389/02/19 - 2389/04/20

=/\= PLOT SUMMARY =/\=

Chura reports to sickbay for his physical, giving Bellerose a little bit of static over the DNA sample until she explains. She gives him a clean bill of health.

Later... Channe, Chura, and Wheeler beam down to the abandoned base to begin investigating the reason for the equipment breakdown. Unexpectedly, however, they are recalled to the ship where Channe receives word that a new ship will be continuing the mission. Both he and his First Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Ba'zra Jennings, are being transferred where he will head a task force dedicated to the capture of the Orion Syndicate family responsibile for the attack on the USS Wanderwell that left 57 dead. The Crazy Horse is being called back to Utopia Planitia Fleetyards for a critical refit.

Elsewhere, Captain Emerson Adams learns that her beloved ship, the USS Steadfast, is being removed from service for a much-needed refit and that she is being given command of the USS Crazy Horse -- after two months for shore leave and the ship's refit, that is.

Chura, as the ACEO of the Crazy Horse, reflects on what he's learned about the flaw that has required the refit on the 2388 Akira-class ships as well as the fact that it means no shore leave for him. During her daily workout, Adams begins the difficult transition from her past ship to her new ship.


Player: Star Geek, CO
-/\- Captain Ronan Channe (PC)
-/\- Captain Emerson Adams (PC)
Post Count - July: 6 (final)
Post Count - August 3

Player: Bella, XO
-/\- Commander Leigh Carson (PC)
-/\- Junior Lieutenant Geneva Bellerose (PC)
-/\- Junior Lieutenant Addison Wheeler (NPC)
Post Count - July: 3 (Final)
Post Count - August: 2 (Bellerose)

Player: Steve, 2XO
-/\- Lieutenant Ziq Chura (PC)
Post Count - July: 2 (Final)
Post Count - August: 3

Player: Matt
-/\- Lieutenant Jonah Masters (PC)
-/\- Junior Lieutenant JC Ramirez (NPC)
Post Count - July: 0 (Final)
Post Count - August: 0

Player: Maja
-/\- Lieutenant Calliste Trea (PC)
Post Count - July: 0
Post Count - August: 0

Player: Ray
-/\- Petty Officer 3rd Class Callan Armidale (PC)
Post Count - July: 0
Post Count - August: 0

Player: Cetan Tyr
-/\- Marine Captain Roland Hallowes (PC) (Left Ship)
-/\- Lt. JG Vincenzo D'Onofrio (PC) (New This Week)
Post Count - July: 0 (Final)
Post Count - August: 0

Player: Kim Powers
-/\- Marine Captain Taylor Price (PC)
Post Count - August: 0 (New to Ship This Week)

Player: Chris Taylor
-/\- Lieutenant Julian Windsong-Price (PC)
Post Count - August: 0 (New to Ship This Week)

NOTE: Reminder that all players are asked to post, at the very minimum, once every two weeks. Shore leave is a great time to introduce the off-duty side of your character and give us a look at their personal lives.

Report Prepared By:
Commander Leigh Carson
With Input From Captain Emerson Adams


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