The USS Crazy Horse aims to create a safe-simming environment for all of its players. While we want everyone to have a great time, there are some policies that you need to know:

Posting Rate
You are expected to post, at a minimum, once every two weeks and to answer your tags in Joint Posts (JPs) within 3-4 days. As a courtesy to other writers, please leave a tag note in #post-tags channel on the Crazy Horse Discord Server.

What Happens When You Don't Post?
If you fail to post within a calendar month and do not get in touch with the command team, you will be warned and asked to begin posting again. If you still do not get in touch or post for a period of a further two weeks, you will be removed from the sim.

The Golden Rules

Don't write for a character that is not your own without first getting permission.

Second rule, surprise everyone else but NOT the captain. The Captain as GM needs to juggle all of the story lines and keep everything straight. Whatever you have in mind, you need to discuss the idea with the Captain first so we can work something out.

Be Respectful

Writers are expected to treat each other with respect and courtesy. Flaming or otherwise aggressive/insulting behavior will not be tolerated. This group is made up of writers covering the spectrum of race, religion, sexual/gender orientation, and lifestyles. Characters will most likely cover this spectrum as well. If you have a problem with this, then this is not the game for you.

If you encounter this behavior, please bring it to the GMs. Every incident will be examined on a case-by-case basis, but every one will be taken seriously. We reserve the right to remove any player from the sim who is found to pose a risk to a safe-simming environment or who has shown, through his/her actions, an unwillingness to follow the rules as outlined by this sim and by RPG Writing.

In addition to the above, we expect every writer to respect the personal boundaries of other simmers either by Nova PM, by email, or on Discord (channels or PMs). If you are asked by a simmer to give them space or leave them alone, you will be expected to do so. If a writer is not interested in writing with you or writing a specific story line, that should be respected. Ignoring this will be treated as harassment and the incident should be brought up through channels to be reviewed and dealt with accordingly.

And Finally...

Age Rating: This game is for writers eighteen and older. Do not apply if you are underage. However, we do not wish to see an excess of sex or gore, so our content rating is:

This means language and explicit violence are permitted with some limitations, and sexual content limited to innuendo and references.