Welcome to the USS Crazy Horse!

The past twenty years have been difficult. Voyager was presumed lost only to return triumphantly in 2378. The Dominion War involved major powers in both the Alpha and Gamma Quadrant and was marked by massive military and civilian casualties though arguably none more so than the Cardassian Empire. And then in 2387, the Hobus star exploded in a supernova threatening the entire galaxy. Two planets, Romulus and Remus, are destroyed and a followup investigation reveals protomatter explosives had been injected into the core of the star though the culprit has not been identified.

The year is 2393. In the Northern Expanse, the political dynamics have changed considerably. The Ferengi and Tzenkethi, seeing a chance to expand their own interests, have become more active and with Romulan attention focused almost exclusively inward, the area along its border has become a hot zone for pirate activity. The Federation has earmarked the Expanse for renewed colonization efforts.

The USS Crazy Horse, a Luna Class vessel, is well suited for this initiative. Commander Finnian Crowe is given command and ordered to take the Crazy Horse into the expanse. New worlds must be identified and the area rendered safe for colonial traffic. With talk of Tzenkethi incursions, an uptick in pirate raids, and the faction that destroyed the Hobus star still at large, its a big job.


The tales we'll tell on board the USS Crazy Horse center on exploration and discovery with a campaign approach that invites players to do what they do best. Share their lives and adventures -- both personal and professional. So ... are you interested in life on the frontier? Want to explore strange new worlds and have a hand in their creation? Love subplots and characterization? Have a character that's just a bit different than the norm?

Then the USS Crazy Horse might just be the place for you. After successful completion of its shakedown cruise, the ship is docked at Starbase 614 awaiting the arrival of its first crew. Crew that sign before the start of the first mission are considered Plank Owners (an old naval tradition that means you are a member of the original crew).

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